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Finland’s Chief Supreme Court Justice: How dare Finnish politicians make changes to immigration laws that aren’t subservient to binding international law…….


Mark Steyn recently noted an incident which took place over a decade ago during a speech by Ambassador John Bolton.


The former Prime Minister of Finland, Paavo Lipponen, asked Steyn if Bolton was joking when he said the US constitution trumped international law/agreements. Now you know why the Finnish politician asked the question, he couldn’t believe any constitution couldn’t be bound by international law, especially since Finland’s own constitution is subservient to it.

“The courts apply the laws laid down by Parliament, but we must also take into account the international obligations binding on Finland.” 

President of Supreme Administrative Court criticizes changes to the Aliens Act in a HS interview – “It’s a problem if politicians hide ruling behind courts back”

In the HS interview, the KHO President will publicly comment on the changes to the Aliens Act. The KHO has filed a monitoring notice of 12 legal advisers in foreign affairs because their activities have been inappropriate.

THE SUPREME Administrative Court (SAC) president Pekka Vihervuori criticizes the Parliament in the summer of 2016 enacted amendments to the Aliens Act.

“It can be said that the legislative changes have at least not improved the legal protection of asylum seekers.”


President Vihervuori puts his word cautiously, for he will first take public opinion on changes to the Aliens Act. However, in a statement issued by the Ministry of Justice in January 2016, the KHO estimates that the amendments to the Aliens Act undermine the legal protection of asylum seekers.


The changes in the law restricted the possibility for the Supreme Administrative Court to deal with the asylum case already settled by the Administrative Court, changed the remuneration of asylum seekers’ fees to fixed fees and reduced the appeal period to Administrative Court from 30 to 21 days. The deadline for submitting an application for an appeal to the KHO was shortened to 14 days. The changes are due to the fact that the Government and the Parliament decided to make Finland less attractive for asylum seekers. IN THE RULE OF LAW, legal protection is guaranteed by the courts at the latest. However, with the amendments to the Aliens Act, the possibilities of administrative rights and the Supreme Administrative Court to make sure that the asylum seekers are granted legal protection has become more difficult.


“It is problematic if political decision-makers are hiding behind the law enforcement courts. The legislator’s choices have a great impact on what happens to people. ”

President Vihervuori stresses that, in individual cases, the court may impose legally binding international treaties on Finland before national law. Key agreements include the United Nations Convention on the Status of Refugees, the European Convention on Human Rights and the Common Asylum Law of the European Union.

“The courts apply the laws laid down by Parliament, but we must also take into account the international obligations binding on Finland.”


THE ASYLUM APPLICATION is always handled first by the Finnish Immigration Service. The decision may be appealed to the Administrative Court. Thereafter, an asylum seeker or the Finnish Immigration Service can still apply for an appeal from the KHO. If the KHO does not grant an appeal, it does not take a stand.


More here in Finnish at HS

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  1. This is the result of a continent that lost its culture. It’s the result of a foreign religion (Christianity) that invaded and corrupted the European people. Politics is not the solution, the only way for this stupidity to end is for Europeans to return back to their original pagan roots and let Odin/Wodan be a common name in European households and not Jesus or Mohammad. The Renaissance, the enlightenment of Europe, was a time where Europeans wanted to return back to their pre-Christian roots, hopefully we are in time for another wave of enlightenment because Europe surely needs one.

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