Buffoonery Finland

#FakeNews Yle: ‘Finland’s first child born to Finnish trans man’……


Actual headline should read:


Fake homosexual couple become parents after biological female partner ( heavily injected with male hormones) gives birth…


There’s no moral imperative to join in with their delusions.


First child born to Finnish trans man

In happier news, a transgender man has given birth for the first time in Finland. The 4-kilo baby is in good health and both fathers are overjoyed, tabloid Iltalehti reports.


“There haven’t been a lot of laughs to go around for the past few weeks, but everything went perfectly in the end,” says Johannes, who was assigned the female gender at birth but has lived as a man for many years.


Johannes and his partner Petri say they will likely try for another child before Johannes concludes his hormone replacement therapy. The names of both parents have been changed for privacy reasons.


The baby was due in late March, and was a late bloomer according to the beaming parents. Both say they received the greatest care during their pregnancy and labour.


“The doctors treated us like a family, and treated me as a person, and no one made a fuss about our situation,” says Johannes in IL. “We’ve received a lot of support, which has been a wonderful surprise.”



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