Fighting Back Islam in France

France: Most French want Macron crackdown on radical Islamists – polls…….


What they really need to do is crackdown on Islam…


Most French want Macron crackdown on radical Islamists – polls

PARIS (Reuters) – Most French people want Muslims suspected of harbouring extremist views detained if they appear on spy agency watchlists and would back a ban on ultra-conservative Salafist Islam, two polls showed after the latest deadly attack in France.


Right-wing opponents of Emmanuel Macron have demanded the president get tough on security and suggest there would be widespread public support for steps targeting mosques and imams preaching hate, as well as foreigners deemed a threat.


An Odoxa poll published on Friday showed 87 percent wanted people suspected of religious radicalisation to be put in detention, and 88 percent favoured banning Salafist Islam.

An Elabe survey showed 80 percent backed the expulsion of radicalised foreigners, while more than half of its respondents said Macron was not doing enough to counter terrorism.


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