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US: ICE agents will no longer treat pregnant illegals with catch and release policy……


Good, they can be humanely looked after in hold up, then released back to their own countries…


ICE will no longer automatically release pregnant illegal migrants

President Donald Trump’s administration will no longer automatically release most pregnant illegal immigrants from detention, according to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement policy memo shared with lawmakers on Thursday.


Under the new policy, pregnant women will be released from immigration detention only on a case-by-case basis. Aside from providing necessary prenatal care and keeping records of pregnant women in custody, ICE will treat them as it would any other detained illegal immigrant, according to the memo Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan sent to Congress.


The policy change is based off Homan’s Dec. 14 directive, “Identification and Monitoring of Pregnant Detainees.” It supersedes Obama-era guidance Homan also issued that “absent extraordinary circumstances or the requirement of mandatory detention, pregnant women will generally not be detained by ICE.”


Under the new policy, immigration authorities will no longer default to releasing pregnant illegal immigrants in custody. The Obama administration, on the other hand, instructed officers to assume a pregnant immigrant would be released except in extreme circumstances.


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