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UN: Assistant Sec-Gen accused of sexual assaulting UNAIDS policy adviser……..


That’s how the UN treats Israel in general…



Daniel Greenfield


The United Nations does three things really well…

1. Waste money

2. Condemn free and democratic nations

3. Create lives of absolute indulgence and debauchery for its own people


The UN has produced more child rape with its peacekeeping programs than most civil wars. Its bureaucracy exists to embezzle money from its own budget. Its employees and leaders have been caught up in every crime on the books. So this isn’t news. It’s just the UN being the UN.

A United Nations employee who says she was sexually assaulted by a top UN official has spoken publicly for the first time, alleging she was offered a promotion if she accepted an apology from the man and claiming that the organization failed to take her complaint seriously.
In an exclusive interview with CNN, Martina Brostrom accused a UN assistant secretary general, Dr. Luiz Loures, of grabbing her in a hotel elevator, forcibly kissing her and trying to drag her to his room during a conference in 2015. He denies the allegations.
“I was pleading with him, and I was just bracing with all that I could just to not leave the elevator,” Brostrom, a policy advisor at UNAIDS, the United Nations’ global AIDS program, told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.
Loures, who was also the deputy executive director of UNAIDS, is leaving the UN at the end of his contract this week; the UN says it was his decision to leave. A spokesman for UNAIDS told CNN that the investigation into Brostrom’s allegations followed “due process” and she is welcome to appeal.
Brostrom is one of three women to describe similar encounters with Loures. Another, Malayah Harper, told CNN that Loures assaulted her in a strikingly similar way at a hotel in 2014. A third told CNN of an assault a few years ago; she spoke on condition anonymity because of her current job.
At a staff meeting at the end of February, audio of which has been obtained by CNN, Sidibé denied being warned. He also praised Loures’ decision to leave the UN as “courageous” and attacked employees who spoke publicly about sexual harassment claims at the UN, saying “they don’t have [a] moral approach.”

The best part of this is that it involves UNAIDS.

More here.

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