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UK: Student was hit in the head with a claw hammer and “stomped on” on Saturday — third ‘Asian’ gang attack in Oldham…….


In the UK, when the word ‘Asian’ is used in connection with any kind of criminality, it should be automatically be understood as Pakistani Muslim, or other Muslims from that neck of the woods…


Students ‘Stomped On’, Beaten with Hammer in Third ‘Asian’ Gang Attack in Oldham This Month

A student in Oldham was hit in the head with a claw hammer and “stomped on” on Saturday — the third ‘Asian’ gang attack in Oldham, Greater Manchester, this month.




The 20-year-old victim and a friend, also 20, were “jumped” while walking home from a takeaway near the King Street Metrolink stop shortly after 3 a.m., the Manchester Evening News reports.

“I got up and tried to fight them off. I just thought ‘what am I going to do?’,” the friend told the newspaper, having managed to struggle to his feet and escape after being punched to the ground.

“I ran over to the tram stop to try and get help. I was shouting at them to get off him. They were stomping on him and hit him with the hammer.”


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