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What happens if Sweden collapses?

LAST UPDATE: 29 / 3-18 KL. 0053

By Peder Jensen / Fjordman

The Swedish rapper Ken Ring, who has a background as a criminal, has been a guest on Norwegian television. On the NRK Program in March 2018 , he asserted that there will be full war in Swedish streets within 20 years. This warning has been picked up and written in English by Breitbart News.


Has a collapse of the Swedish society become evasive? Optimists hope that something can still be done to prevent a Swedish accident. Pessimists fear that this is already too late. Is the job as prime minister in Sweden now a bit like being the captain of Titanic five minutes after they hit the iceberg?


Sweden’s momentum


Physicists often talk about momentum, amount of motion. Think of a train loaded with goods and people. It takes time to train the train in a certain direction. It also takes time to slow down the train when it’s got a lot of speed. Even though all the brakes should be put on today, Sweden will still move in a negative direction for a long time to come. The country has had a great negative momentum due to many years of mass immigration.


There is no real possibility that there will be a majority in Sweden’s parliament in the period 2018-2022 to stop all immigration to the country. Even the Swedish Democrats will not have a total stop of immigration, and no parties are close to getting a parliamentary majority alone. Alternatives for Sweden were launched in 2018 as a new party, but this is not enough to prevent the problems from growing.


A realistic possibility that Sweden may collapse in the coming generation.


We must regard it as a realistic possibility that Sweden, as we know it may collapse in the coming generation. Sweden is the Nordic region’s largest country, both in the area and in the population. It will have major consequences for the other Nordic countries if the Swedish society no longer functions.


Norway, Denmark and partly Finland already has considerable problems because of multiculturalism, mass immigration and Islam. How should we react if we get Sweden’s problems on top of our own problems? This must soon be discussed openly and seriously at a high political level.


Denmark must close the boundaries


In Denmark, there are some signs that the consequences of Swedish national suicide are being discussed. As Kasper Støvring comments :

Sweden has become a scare of what mass immigration can cause problems. The only neighbors now learn from the Swedes is what not to be done.

Morten Uhrskov Jensen and Lone Nørgaard want Denmark to close the borders , not least against Sweden, stop all immigration from non-western countries and send home immigrants who are strangers to our culture.


Sylvi Listhaug from the Progress Party is one of few Norwegian politicians who have worked for Norway not to be as spoiled by immigration as Sweden already is. In March 2018 she was forced to resign as a minister after fake prosecutors whipped by the Labor Party and Norwegian mass media. It is not good news for Norway.


Schengen and the Passion Union outdated


Because of the Schengen Agreement and the older Nordic Passport Union, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland no longer have full control over signing their own borders. The Nordic Passion Union was introduced in the 1950s. This deal was OK then and was still OK in 1980. It’s no longer OK today. In the 1960s this meant that there was free flow of engineers and nurses between the Nordic countries. Today, the same agreement entails free flow of immigrants from non-European countries across borders.


As long as all the Nordic countries are members of the Schengen Agreement and the Nordic Passion Union, Sweden’s problems are not just Sweden’s problems. They are all of Scandinavia’s problems. The Swedish political elites import large numbers of people from countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia. Once they have stayed there and a Swedish passport, they are free to travel to Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. This is not acceptable.


Mass immigration is a huge social and economic burden for Swedish society. The Swedish state will sooner or later run out of money to finance this madness. This will happen gradually over many years. Sweden will not run out of money tomorrow, but they will do this sooner or later.


When Sweden no longer has money?


What will Muslim immigrants in Sweden do when Swedish authorities no longer have money for them? Some of them will travel to Denmark or Finland. Many will go to Norway. The national border between Norway and Sweden is 1630 kilometers long and one of the world’s least guarded borders. When Muhammad and his family in Malmö or Gothenburg no longer get as much money as they want, the Norwegian Oil Fund will look very tempting.


The prerequisite for the Nordic Passport Union to function was that the Nordic countries were Nordic. They are no longer. Especially not Sweden. The Swedish immigration policy is so extreme that it represents a security threat to Norway, Denmark and Finland. I have warned this for many years.


Politicians in the other Nordic countries should say publicly that we immediately withdraw from both the Nordic Passport Union and the Schengen Agreement and restore control over our borders. The basis for these agreements is no longer available. Not after the political elites in Sweden decided to commit national suicide.


If a collapse of the Swedish society is avoidable, it might be possible to prevent the same happening in Norway, Denmark and Finland. But this is starting to hurry. We do not have much time left to prevent the same catastrophic outcome in the rest of the Nordic countries.

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