UK: Islamonazi who wanted to blow up Big Ben given two apartments, one for his wife, received even more taxpayer cash as her ‘care giver’…….


They sure know how to work/milk the system, it’s as if they had help (lunatic Leftists in government, in the bureaucracy)…


Jihadi who wanted to bomb Big Ben had TWO council houses – one for him and one for his wife who ‘wanted her independence’ (then claimed MORE taxpayer money for being her ‘carer’)

  • Muhammad Abid, 27, was given a council flat in Manor Park by Newham Council
  • He was then able to swindle another first-floor flat for his wife in Canning Town
  • Abid was jailed for four years and three months for failing to report terror plot
ISIS-inspired Muhammad Abid, 27, was given two council flats by Newham Council

ISIS-inspired Muhammad Abid, 27, was given two council flats by Newham Council


A jihadi who plotted to bomb 30 landmarks across London had two council houses – one for himself and another for his wife.


Muhammad Abid was jailed alongside two other men over a plot to brainwash Muslim boys as young as 11.


The 27-year-old wanted to train youngsters to drive cars ‘like Mujahideen’ before arming them with weapons to carry out atrocities at targets including Big Ben, Heathrow Airport and Westfield shopping centre

Abid swindled his way to two council flats by claiming his wife needed her own because she ‘wanted her independence’.


He hired lawyers to demand a second taxpayer-funded home from Newham Council – and was eventually successful.


Abid also claimed benefits for being his wife Juwayriyah Noor’s carer, despite living apart from her in this East London tower block.


He told the council she was suffering ‘stress and depression’ and required full-time care.

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