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Manfred Gerstenfeld: Widespread Muslim anti-Semitism in France…….


What this boils down to is, being fully cognizant of Islamic scripture, hadiths, sunna of Mohamed and believing in them…


You only need to look at the ADL’s webpage on the phenomenon (one of the more accurate sections they have on Islamic Jew hatred) to see that Manfred is 100% correct. Dr.Andrew Bostom has written an excellent, huge tome on the subject as well, fully exposing the Islamic world’s Jew hatred throughout history. It’s a key essential component to Islam.


Widespread Muslim anti-Semitism in France

The great majority of Muslim immigrants to France are from countries whose populations are among the most anti-Semitic in the world.

Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld , 27/03/18 14:55

In most European countries no quantitative data is available on Muslim anti-Semitism. Yet it is known that members of the Muslim community are behind much aggression and conduct extreme verbal attacks and slurs against Jews. A number of Jews have been murdered by Muslims in France over the past decades. There have also been attempts at pogroms.


A 2014 study by Fondapol titled Anti-Semitism in French Public Opinion and authored by Dominique Reynié provides many insights into anti-Semitism in France. Muslims are one segment of society on which the study focuses. The authors have also investigated the extreme right and extreme left. These however require separate analysis.


In French general society, 25% of the population has anti-Semitic prejudices. The study concludes that such prejudices against Jews among Muslims are two or three times as widespread. The study’s authors have divided the Muslim population into three categories: practicing Muslims, who both believe and practice Islam, those who only believe, and those who are of Muslim origin. The category of those who practice accounts for 42% of Muslims in France. Those who believe are 34% and those of Muslim origin are 21%. Another 3% self-define as not being religious.


The Fondapol researchers asked six questions for this particular study;

1) Do Jews use the story of victims of Nazi genocide during the Second World War for their own purposes?

2) Do Jews have too much power in the field of economy and finance?

3) Do Jews have too much power in the media?

4) Do Jews wield too much political power?

5) Is there a Zionist conspiracy at world level?

6) Are the Jews responsible for the current economic crises?

A few examples of the study’s findings will serve to show the strong anti-Semitism among Muslims in France. Nineteen percent of the general French population are of the opinion that Jews have too much power in politics. Among all Muslims, the percentage is 51%. Yet, if we break this figure down by category, among those who self-define as only of Muslim origin, the figure is 37%. For those who believe in Islam it is 49% and for practicing Muslims the figure is 63%.


The percentage of Muslims who answer negatively to all six questions about anti-Semitic prejudices is small. Only 17% of the Muslims answered ‘no’ to all questions. There is hardly a distinction between practicing Muslims and those who just believe, respectively 13% and 14%. For those of Muslim origin, the percentage is substantially higher, yet again they are only a minority, 27%.



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