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Netherlands: Imam Fawaz Jneid calls Rotterdam mayor an apostate, and enemy of Islam……..


This is not surprising whatsoever, since non-sharia compliant Muslims are considered exactly that, in rejection of traditional, canonical Islam 101…


It’s why Islam has managed well to withstand any kind of drive for moderation, Islam 101 (canonical Islam) calls for the deaths of those who betray the texts of the faith (ideology).


Imam calls Rotterdam Mayor Aboutaleb an enemy of Islam

The radical imam Fawaz Jneid has called Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb a heretic Muslim and an enemy of Islam.


Jneid said that Aboutaleb hates Islam and fights against it. He calls him stupid and weak.


Jneid added that Aboutaleb prohibits Islamic schools and is against mosques. Aboutaleb reacted that he hopes that Jneid will soon repent.


FM: BNFTN via 

By using words such as ‘infidelity’, ‘liar’ and ‘fighter of Muslims’ he seems to legitimize violence without calling on it, according to Schoof last night at Nieuwsuur.

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