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Aussie Dave @Israellycool: To Kill a Jew, Muslim terrorists targeted victim because “she was wearing religious Jewish garb”…….


The Muslims dirty terrorist war against the Jewish state is a religious war, one that Mohamed himself would identify with…


To Kill A Jew

The Israel haters would like everyone to believe that palestinian terrorism is in fact “legitimate resistance”, a natural response to the “occupation.” According to them, this is not a religious conflict, but territorial; we are targeted because we are occupiers, and not because we are Jews.


This terrorist did not get the memo.


An Israeli woman faced off in court on Sunday with a Palestinian who had confessed to stabbing her, in a case that suggested the swirl of political and personal motives that can drive such attacks.


Malek Saada, a 20-year-old from the occupied West Bank, was working illegally as a baker in Lod, a mixed Jewish-Arab town south of Tel Aviv, when, a year ago, he ambushed Revital Danino outside her home, moderately wounding her before fleeing.


Captured by Israeli police, court papers showed, Saada confessed to the attack and said he had “purified himself” in advance at a mosque and targeted Danino because she was wearing religious Jewish garb.


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