anti-Semitism Brian of London Buffoonery

Boneheaded Jewish Leadership Council: Jews coming to our rally against antisemitism, don’t bring Israeli flags……!


They just fed the monster…


It’s because of antisemitism that Israel is the world’s scapegoat, the whipping boy for every immoral state/leader that holds a flag at the UN. It’s entirely bizarre that they would do that. This also once again shows how Jews are not a monolithic block who always work in the best interests of themselves or affiliates. This is actively working against the state of Israel. Buffoons.


No Israeli Flags For Jew!

When is the cost of staying in a club that doesn’t want you too high? Read the following “Call to action” for a protest later today outside the UK Houses of Parliament before a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party, which will be discussing the ongoing scandal of their glorious leader’s inability to put to rest hints that he is antisemitic.


More here.

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