The EU will reject democracy to become modern empire new book claims, author warns superstate will be met with resistance…….




United States of Europe: EU will ‘REJECT democracy to become EMPIRE’

THE European Union will reject democracy to become a modern empire, a new book has claimed as the author warns the superstate will be met with resistance.


‘The nation against nationalism’ written by Gil Delannoi, a professor at the Sciences Po institute in Paris, declares the EU will become a superstate.


But Mr Delannoi questions why the bloc would embark on a risky political venture when a tried and tested model of liberal democratic government already exists.


He said: “Utopian or not, this goal is not desired by the crushing majority of Europe.”


The professor added: “The EU is not post national, nor a super state of a cooperation of nations.


“It could have been all of those things but thanks to the political arrangement and bureaucracy, it is almost incapable of going backwards or forwards and worse still, incapable of thinking and initiating debate.


“It is this denial of politics which risks the EU becoming insignificant.”

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