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Swedish FM feigns hurt feelings over being labeled an anti-Semite, but supports funding families of terrorists whose murdered Jews…….


Elliot Ness didn’t give the families of mobsters a thought when taking down organized crime in Chicago, nor should he have.


This is the typical mindset (mind slaughter) of Swedish politicians, with the exception being the Swedish Democrats. This is the type of politician that were meeting with North Korean officials this past week. Be scared.


Interview with Margot Wallström in “Judisk Krönika”


During the interview, Margot Wallström emphasizes that she understands that the Israelis need to live in a safe and secure environment. When the issue of financial support given by Sweden to the PA going to pay salaries to terrorist’s families, she is somewhat vague about how she views the issue.


  • This is something we do via the EU and with Israel’s approval, otherwise these families would have no way of supporting themselves.


So you think it’s right for the Palestinian authority to give money to the families of terrorists?


– No, I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to in this case, but we have to review how we spend our money, but are people supposed to starve to death or what, what are these families supposed to do if they don’t receive money? The FM asks rhetorically.


More here.


Special thanks to Annika Hernroth for the translation

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