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Swedish authorities give millions of kronor in contributions to Islamist organizations, which contributes to destructive polarization…….


All of you know that I’ve been saying this for years…


Boscanin: Swedish authorities should not support Islamic propaganda

 Swedish authorities give millions of kronor in contributions to Islamist organizations, which contributes to destructive polarization.
Muslim Brotherhood is one of the world’s largest Islamist organizations. Founded in 1928 in Egypt by Hasan Al-Banna and with sub-organizations in many countries. Its original objective was an Islamic state that would implement Islam in a way that regulates all aspects of life. Today, the movement has several different branches, but the values ​​remain.

A new report commissioned by the Swedish Social Protection and Preparedness Agency (MSB) maps the influence of Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden. Aje Carlbom, a professor at Malmö University, who wrote the report, believes that the movement has influence through organizations that sympathize with their basic ideology.


In the report, the Islamic League in Sweden is referred to as an organization associated with Muslim Brotherhood. The federation has previously been criticized by the Swedish Committee Against Anti-Semitism, for repeatedly inviting lecturers spreading anti-Semitism.


The Islamic federation, in turn, has links to the Ibn Rushd study association and Sweden’s young Muslims, who lost their state contribution last year after spreading feminist and anti-Semitic messages. The federations organize conferences, such as Muslim Family Dates, together. Over the years, guests with anti-Semitic and homophobic views have been invited to the conference.


The Swedish Anti-Semitism Committee pointed out last year how the Islamic League, in collaboration with Ibn Rush, invited Zaghloul El-Naggar, spreading hatred against Jews and gay men, to lecture at a conference in Stockholm in December 2016. When this was discovered, Ibn Rushd claimed that they did not had known about El-Naggar’s anti-Semitism but that they distanceed it. However, El Naggar’s homophobia did not reiterate the study federation.


Ibn Rushd is legitimized and receives financial support from Swedish authorities. This amounts to millions of millions: In 2016, the student union received more than SEK 23.5 million in contributions from the National Education Council and the two years before that, the union received a total of around SEK 35 million.


The study federation also stands– on behalf of the Government for Support for Religious Communities – behind a website whose stated purpose is to raise awareness of Islamophobia. There relativity is suppressed by describing the “genocide debate” as “anti-Muslimism”. The absence of people who, as a Muslim, can “recognize themselves” in theater plays are described as expressions of structural islamophobia. Messages indirectly sanctioned by the Swedish state.


Carlbom points out that uncritical resource allocation to organizations associated with Muslim Brotherhood risks negatively affecting the integration process as they want to “protect” Muslims from the majority community by building a parallel Islamic sector of public institutions. At the same time as several authorities contribute to this, one of the MSB’s priorities, based on government’s letter of government, is ironically enough to identify, understand and meet Islamic propaganda. The left hand does not know what the right one does.

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