Swede who talked of migrant crime on Hungarian TV gets ‘doxed’ by Leftist media, receives death threats…….


It’s everything we’ve come to expect from the Leftist run media and Swedish society in general…


Critic of Sweden’s migrant policy gets death threats after being “doxed” by liberal media


In an interview on Hungarian TV, a Swedish-born woman details the reasons she and many like her make the decision to leave the country rather than suffer daily abuse at the hands of migrants while the state fails to protect its citizens.


After the interview aired, Natalie Contessa began receiving death threats and is now under 24 hour protection.

Natalie Contessa received death threats, her address made public, and her community site was hacked after she gave an exclusive interview to M1 TV about the Swedish refugee situation. She is now under 24-hour personal protection by former special operation soldiers.
Natalie Contessa has lived in Sweden for almost 40 years and moved to Hungary because of the deterioration of public security in the country. In an exclusive interview with M1 TV, she talked about migrant crime in Swedish cities, that the police ignore.


More here at Rebel.

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