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EU, Iran and advocates of nuclear deal sees Tillerson’s firing as a harbinger of Trump’s ultimate withdrawal…….


Here’s to hoping it is and a new flex of muscles to bring this Islamonazi regime to cough up its program once and for all…



The E3, Iran and advocates of the nuclear deal in the US saw Tillerson’s firing as a harbinger of Trump’s ultimate withdrawal.


Europe sees Trump itching to leave Iran nuclear deal

 MARCH 18, 2018

ASHINGTON – Britain, France and Germany have grown increasingly skeptical that US President Donald Trump is serious about “fixing” his concerns with the Iran nuclear accord through diplomacy, short of simply scrapping it.


Reuters reported this week that the “E3” powers will propose a fresh round of EU sanctions on Tehran that keep the 2015 nuclear accord intact while addressing some of Iran’s regional activities and ballistic missile work the US believes were emboldened by the deal itself.


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In January, Trump said that the E3 – the European powers party to the nuclear deal – has until mid-May to come up with fixes to the agreement.


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