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UK: Why did Home Office place Iraqi refugee (Parsons Green bomber) trained by IS with foster family……?


They’re buffoons, that’s why…


When you belong to the cultish church of human rights, commonsense is thrown out the door.


Why did Home Office place Iraqi refugee – who became Parsons Green bomber – with foster family even though he was trained by jihadis and hated Britain?

Foster parents of an Iraqi refugee last night demanded to know why he was left free to carry out a Tube bombing. Ahmed Hassan (centre and top left), 18, entered Britain on the back of a lorry and admitted to Home Office officials that he was trained to kill by Islamic State.


But blunders meant he was placed with the loving couple (bottom left), who had no idea about his links to the terror group as he secretly built a deadly bomb (pictured right) in their home with a YouTube recipe.


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