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UK: Social services did nothing to stop illegal and exploitative relationship of 14 y/o and 24 y/o who murdered her……..


Without the coercive policies of political correctness, the welfare state and its inherent identity driven politics, this couldn’t have taken place, especially on such a grand scale as this.


Is this Britain’s biggest sex abuse cover-up of all? Social services ‘did nothing’ to stop ‘illegal and exploitative’ relationship between pregnant girl, 14, and boyfriend 10 years older than her who went on to murder her

  • Pregnant Lucy Lowe, 16, died in a house fire in Telford nearly 18 years ago
  • She was killed by her boyfriend Azhar Ali Mehmood, who was 26 at the time
  • Social services knew he first slept with her aged 14 but did not warn parents


George Lowe has spent almost 18 years reliving the terrible night that his wife Eileen and their two teenage daughters were murdered. Woken just after 3.30am by the piercing sound of a smoke alarm, he opened his bedroom door and was immediately knocked back by a wall of thick, acrid smoke.


Unable to make it across the landing, where Eileen, 49, was sleeping with their disabled elder daughter Sarah (the 17-year-old was afraid of the dark and often needed comforting at night), he returned to the bedroom, pulled on some trousers and clambered out of the window.


In ‘complete shock’, George banged on the next-door neighbour’s door. They called the fire brigade but, as he recalled this week, ‘with fire that strong, it was too late’.


The 56-year-old deliveryman was in the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford when he learned the fire had killed both Eileen and Sarah. Also dead was his younger daughter, Lucy, who was 16 and had been trapped in a third bedroom.


The only other family member to survive was Lucy’s 15-month-old daughter Tasnim, who was found wrapped in a blanket in the garden.


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