Muslim persecution of Christians Uganda

Jihad Watch: Uganda Muslim leader was a secret Christian for 10 yrs, now outed he faces fatwa death sentence…….


This is Islam, pure Islam…



Uganda: Sheikh faces death sentence for leaving Islam after revealing he has been a Christian for a decade

Hussein, a 68-year-old Sheikh (Muslim leader) from Uganda, is facing a fatwa (death sentence) after publicly acknowledging that he has become a Christian. He had kept his faith a secret for ten years

There is no diversity and tolerance in Islamic law, so while Westerners promote a multiculturalist view that all cultures are equal, the facts prove otherwise. Those who expose these truths and the abuses associated with Sharia are tarred as “Islamophobic.” Hussein went from Muslim leader to an apostate worthy of death in Islam, even worse than someone who was born a Christian. Hussein was “granted a scholarship for further studies in Saudi Arabia. There he had exposure to radical Islam, which never sat well with him,” as it should not with anyone. But when he became a Christian, he incurred Islam’s death sentence for apostasy, and will live the rest of his life as a hunted man.


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