Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS Whining Muslim

Finland: “Huckster Husu” makes demands on ethnic Finns, wants respect for African immigrants (read = Muslims)…….


”Huckster Husu” is once again serving up a steaming pile…






Husu: Hey Finns, start respecting Africans 


‘Husu’ Hussein writes the title “Respect for Immigrants” and says at the end of the article: “We provide for you, not vice versa. You need us and this country needs us. So let’s live accordingly and show some respect. We are all Finns in the same boat. “


Husu writes that without immigrants Finland would not work. According to him, immigrants are doing jobs that the Finns do not want to do and Sweden’s (economic) growth is due solely to immigrants.


H/T: PT Media


Here’s what the Islamo-huckster spouts in his blog post: ”Respect for immigrants”



Brown sisters and brothers. It is time to require more of our society and the people it consists of. Time to stop hiding because of fear or shame. It’s time to say that  it’s now enough and things are better to start to change. No lies, empty promises or blind eyes- it’s just the same how people make people motivate their actions or how they justify the legitimacy of the current situation.
All of you probably already know that, for example, pensions are the things that others pay. No, your posthumous life is definitely not paid, for the money you paid for each of your paychecks. Your pension will be paid by the next generations. And if you’ve come up with that, you probably figured out how many people this country needs to work, pay taxes and keep pensions and the whole country up?
Immigration and economic growth correlate with Western societies. Take a look at the statistics and take a look at our western neighbor (Sweden), for example. Only last year, 17,000 more people came to this country. The 17,000 came here just through immigration.
Instead, more people of the majority population died last year than were born. In so many ways, immigration is the only viable way to sustain this most prosperous welfare society in the world, especially where tens of thousands are unable or unwilling to work.
We immigrants do the work that many Finns find unsuitable…..


This is the same lie being told in the US by the radical Left in their support for open borders. There’s only the (supposed) positive side to mass immigration, never any negative. The truth be told, the majority of 3rd world Muslim immigrants are on subsidies of some kind, the overwhelming majority of their womenfolk are all unemployed and are not really being advised by their spouses to look for work, in stay at home sharia households.


As for work most Finns won’t do, as in the US, it’s more than likely here as well, that when one looks at job record statistics, the overwhelming majority of work supposedly not sought for by Finns, are filled by ethnic Finns. This entire piece by “Huckster Husu” is a wake up call for ordinary Finns, once Islamic demographics reach a certain tipping point, the demands emanating from their communities changes. Finland only has itself to blame for electing miserable leaders who turn a blind eye to the riff-raff they’re letting in, and then placate them to the point of absurdity.

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