Islamic anti-Semitism Louis Farrakhan

US: Nation of Islam demands the few Democrats who denounced Louis Farrakhan over his Jew hatred to “stand down” (recant)…….


Oh yes, and in their letter, they once again refer to Jews as “Satanic Jews”…


Farrakhan’s group is one of the sickest cults out there. At least Odnan Oktar’s cult (in Turkey), as crazy as they are, do not have it in for the Jews.



March 9, 2018

We are writing this open letter to express our deep disappointment with your published denouncement of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Saviors’ Day 2018 Message at the behest of the Republican Jewish Coalition, the anti-Defamation League and others who represent White supremacy and the continuing effort to destroy our community. It is abhorrent for you, as elected officials, to defend these people against the Truth that uncovers the horror that has been done to Black people and to serve as their mouthpiece, rather than allow them to defend themselves against their record and history which proves that they are anti-Black.


More here.


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