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Israel: Leftist kibbutz encourages member farms to take in asylum seekers (illegal migrants) ahead of planned expulsion…….


So to break the law…


This bit of news dovetails with the paper by Nathan Cofnas which proved the Alt-Right’s anti-Jewish rhetoric that Jews as a group are actively trying to take down the West. As I’ve said all along that it’s leftist ideology that’s to blame for our problems, always has been. In government, Israel has pretty much defeated the hard Left, but there are still a destructive remnant that remains in society, the kibbutzim movement (which most have been forced into free market capitalism due to necessity) is a stark reminder of that, just as crazy as their ideological leftist cousins throughout the West.


Migrants: imminent expulsions, kibbutz offer hospitality

‘We can’t remain indifferent faced with expulsions’

12 MARCH, 19:43

TEL AVIV – As a deadline set by the government (end of March) for the start of the gradual forced departure from Israel of thousands of African migrants draws nearer, the kibbutz movement (collective farms) is mobilizing to help them. ”Our movement – said a statement – cannot remain indifferent faced with the upcoming process of expulsions of asylum seekers that appears in contrast with Jewish and human values and those of the kibbutz movement”.

Secretary general Nir Meir launched yesterday an appeal for all kibbutz to make ”every possible effort to host or include in their structures, for a few months, the highest possible number of asylum seekers. It is necessary to provide them with a residence and employment. This is a challenging moment”. Based on Socialist roots, the kibbutz movement says that Benyamin Netanyahu’s government was unable to deal with the migrant phenomenon and the needs of poor areas of Tel Aviv where they were living, which also have the right to be supported.



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