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Finnish think tank wonk gets it wrong on Tillerson’s firing…….


Tillerson was let go because he was caught being duplicitous in his dealings concerning the Iranian deal… 


While North Korea is a major deal, Iran is as big of a deal, and I believe even more so. I’m hearing that he was caving to European pressure to keep the dangerously bad Iranian deal (ushered in by Obama) in place, and both Trump and Netanyahu are dead set against it. It was just a bridge too far and the man had to go. If you listened to his resignation speech, you could tell he was emotionally hit.


Tillerson dismissal

Jyväskylä’s Keskisuomalainen is among the papers that carries an STT agency report of reaction to the sacking of U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.


In an interview with the agency, Mika Aaltola, the programme director of the global security research programme of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs said that Tillerson’s dismissal came as no big surprise.


“Trump likes it that people are on their toes about when they may fall into disfavour. He has different cliques in the White House competing against each other,” said Aaltola.


Aaltola attributed Tillerson’s departure in part to differences over issues such as North Korea, and most recently backing for the British government’s assessment of Russia.


He added that he sees Mike Pompeo, who has been named to take over as Secretary of State, as a more loyal Trump supporter. He, as well, has different views from those of Trump, but these are not as evident as Tillerson’s have been.


“The new Secretary of State is one of the so-called ‘grown-ups’ who has long-time experience in security related issues,” Aaltola told STT.



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