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Finn police Twitter snitch competition: Have you witnessed hate? Enter the competition and win……!


This is ten levels of sick…


“Enter the Competition and Win!

“Write you own horror story and Tweet it with the hashtag #I’vewitnessed


Now they’ll try to outdo the other with the most horrific examples given. The Finnish Twitter-osphere is meming the hell of out of it.

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  1. Yes, I’ve seen hate. Governments who happily lead their own people to slaughter or condemn them to a lifetime of endless nightmares and fear by perpetual lying, bold faced mind you, about what their people witness on a daily basis. Children whose eyes and hearts will damn their “protectors” for feeding them to the wolvesfor eternity. Yes, I have seen hate. WWI, WWII, and now this islamic sausage machine gone wild. I know what “they” want me to say. I won’t comply, ever.

  2. Tundra Tabloids could you please fix your website so that this page and all other news items do not have a secure “https:” in the address.

    Should be :




    I get an error when I click on the news item links with “https”

    1. Strange, I copied and pasted the ”Not” url into the browser and it was https://……I don’t know why you’re seeing that

  3. Should be:

    h t t p : / / tundratabloids.com/2018/03/finn-police-twitter-snitch-competition-have-you-witnessed-hate-enter-the-competition-and-win/


    h t t p s : / / tundratabloids.com/2018/03/finn-police-twitter-snitch-competition-have-you-witnessed-hate-enter-the-competition-and-win/

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