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The Local: Italy’s (illegal) migrants don’t expect life to change after the election…….


Lets hope that they keep thinking that…


Italy’s migrants don’t expect life to change after the election

Italy's migrants don't expect life to change after the election
Migrants sit outside a former reception centre in Rome. Photo: Filippo Monteforte/AFP
In a derelict car park a stone’s throw from the centre of Rome live dozens of mostly African migrants, who sleep in tents while dreaming of escaping to northern Europe.

The March 4th general election saw parties promising mass expulsions of illegal immigrants make big gains, but in reality little will change for those huddled in the campsite. Their makeshift homes have been provided by the Baobab Experience, a volunteer organization which has been working with migrants since 2015 despite repeated evictions and police confiscating their materials.

Kicked out of their original home in an old glassworks near Rome’s Tiburtina train station just before Christmas 2015, Baobab’s present shelter for migrants is a campsite that is under constant threat.

“We have already been evicted more than 20 times,” coordinator Andrea Costa told AFP. “We often say in Italy that there’s no limit to how bad things can get. But I wonder what could be worse than a tent camp.”


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