Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Leftist Apologizers for Islam Leftist-Muslim nexus

Damn Rotten: Dutch Leftist parties collaborate with Muslim anti-Israel party (DENK)…….


Disgusting, but totalitarians attract each other…


Rotterdam: Left Parties collaborate with Muslim anti-Israel Party

In Rotterdam the three left wing parties, the left socialist SP, Green Left and the PvdA Labour Party have agreed to collaborate with the anti-Israel Muslim party NIDA after the coming municipal elections on March 21.


When this became known media mentioned a tweet from 2014 in which Nida compared Israel to ISIS. When asked, Nida confirmed that it still supports the tweet.


A few days ago representatives of Nida and the Labor party attended a meeting of the Union of European Turkish Democrats, which is the Dutch branch of the Turkish AK party of president Erdogan. Also a candidate of the left liberal D66 was present.


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