Alt-Right anti-Semitism

Alt-Right’s “Jewish conspiracy to change the West” nonsense properly debunked by Nathan Cofnas…….


The Alt-Right’s use of Kevin MacDonald’s debunked theory about Jews, mirrors that of the anti-Israel movements use of historical revisionist material by “The New Historians” debunked by Prof.Efraim Karsh. The same shoddy ”scholarship” by MacDonald was used earlier by Avi Shlaim, Ilan Pappe and Benny Morris.


Hardcore Jew haters will dismiss it, but what I’m counting on is the vast majority of the rationally minded to weigh it out on its merits.


”The main problem with MacDonald’s argument is that he interprets criticism of nationalism in gentile groups to indicate approval of Jewish nationalism as long as the latter is not explicitly condemned. He never cites positive evidence that representatives of the Frankfurt School approved of Jewish nationalism, and he ignores evidence that they in fact disapproved of it. Leaving aside the question of the scholarly merits of the Frankfurt School or The Authoritarian Personality, there is no positive evidence that members of the Frankfurt School were hypocrites who condemned collectivism in gentiles and promoted it for Jews.”


Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy

A Critical Analysis of Kevin MacDonald’s Theory

Nathan Cofnas1
# The Author(s) 2018. This article is an open access publication

Abstract MacDonald argues that a suite of genetic and cultural adaptations among Jews constitutes a “group evolutionary strategy.” Their supposed genetic adaptations include, most notably, high intelligence, conscientiousness, and ethnocentrism. According to this thesis, several major intellectual and political movements, such as Boasian anthropology, Freudian psychoanalysis, and multiculturalism, were consciously or unconsciously designed by Jews to (a) promote collectivism and group continuity among themselves in Israel and the diaspora and (b) undermine the cohesion of gentile
populations, thus increasing the competitive advantage of Jews and weakening organized gentile resistance (i.e., anti-Semitism). By developing and promoting these movements, Jews supposedly played a necessary role in the ascendancy of liberalism and multiculturalism in the West. While not achieving widespread acceptance among evolutionary scientists, this theory has been enormously influential in the burgeoning political movement known as the “alt-right.” Examination of MacDonald’s argument suggests that he relies on systematically misrepresented sources and cherry-picked
facts. It is argued here that the evidence favors what is termed the “default hypothesis”: Because of their above-average intelligence and concentration in influential urban areas, Jews in recent history have been over represented in all major intellectual and
political movements, including conservative movements, that were not overtly anti-Semitic.


Read the whole thing here.

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