Anti-Semitism in the Netherlands Islamic anti-Semitism

Netherlands: Muslim party supports Jew hatred in refusing to join coalition against antisemitism…….


Because that would be anti-Islamic…


This is the same party whose MP refused to shake the hand of Israeli PM Netanyahu while visiting the Dutch parliament.



Dutch Muslim party won’t join Amsterdam coalition against anti-Semitism

AMSTERDAM (JTA) — A political movement representing Dutch Muslims distinguished itself from nearly all of the capital’s other parties when it refused to sign a document condemning anti-Semitism.


The Denk anti-integration party, which has frequently been accused of espousing anti-Semitism, did not respond to a request by the Jewish community to sign the document, titled “Amsterdam Jewish Accord.” It states that Jews have a right to security paid for by the city government, that anti-Semitism needs to be fought and that the Jewish elements of Amsterdam’s history should be taught to the general population.


All of the capital’s other parties except one signed the document on Tuesday, two weeks before the March 21 municipal elections in the Netherlands. The other party that sat out the agreement, BIJ1, was founded by a politician who left Denk.


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H/T: Always Watching, Jihad Watch

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