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France stumped on what to do with offspring of Islamonazis who fought for ISIS…….


Either convert them to Christianity to be followed with lots of psychotherapy, or hand them over to whatever government(s) regulating entity in the countries they were brought to…


If they parents were radical Marxists or Nazis, the state would be seriously trying to deprogram them, not with more Marxism or Fascism but with secular liberal ideals.


Their Parents Fought With ISIS. Now France Is Trying To Figure Out What To Do With Them.

Forty-four are in a government program that houses and educates them and is evaluating them for extremist beliefs or trauma. But government officials say the program is inadequate.


Even without legal charges, the assessments are complex.


“[The decisions] depend on the context — some of them have returned with parents and some are orphans. Some of them actually come back with other children’s parents. Sometimes, those grownups are put in jail, so the children are left alone. Some of them even come back alone without any parents at all,” the social worker said.


“Our priority is to protect ‘endangered youth’ and the underage,” the social worker said. “So we need to put them in temporary housing… The problem is that we are only told a few days prior to their arrival that they are coming, so we are trying our best: We do not separate siblings, we try to put them in foster families or community centers for orphans (not an orphanage, because they are not eligible to be adopted) with other ‘regular’ children.”


But even if the children are thought to be innocent of crimes, police officials note, the centers require close monitoring because they are often located in areas already known for extremist activities. St Denis, for example, is home to hundreds of people already on the police’s highest watch list and became well known outside France when the organizer of the Nov. 13, 2015, terrorist attacks in Paris was killed in a shootout there.


“As far as our organization is concerned, these structures are poorly adapted and they are saturated (with potential jihadists),” said one police officer who works undercover on extremist issues in St. Denis and cannot be named.


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