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Leftist J-Street only ‘reevaluating’ endorsement of politician deeming Jew hating Farrakhan an outstanding human being…….


The Left is despicable…


Don’t worry, the subversive group says that they take antisemitism very seriously.


J Street reconsidering support for pro-Farrakhan congressman

Left-wing advocacy group says it’s re-evaluating endorsement of congressman who called Nation of Islam leader ‘outstanding human being.’


Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan


Left-wing advocacy group J Street said it is re-evaluating its endorsement of a congressman who praised Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.


JStreetPAC, the arm of the NGO that funds and endorses candidates, currently lists Rep. Danny Davis, an Illinois Democrat from the virulently anti-Semitic Farrakhan’s home base of Chicago, as a candidate it supports. The endorsement, first reported in the Forward, calls Davis “a longtime supporter of Israel and a two-state solution.”


But a J Street spokesman wrote in an email to JTA that the lobby is speaking with Davis’ office and reconsidering that endorsement.


“We take anti-Semitism quite seriously,” J Street’s statement read. “We are currently in conversation with Representative Davis’ office about this issue. We will get back to you shortly with a more extensive response.”


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