Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Finland Finnish Academics

Finland: Usual loser suspects promoting BDS/apartheid week, prof.Hannu Juusola, Syksy Räsänen key asshats presiding…….


I believe these morons are heading in the same direction as the Alt-Right, to nowhere…


Here in Finland, the radical Left have had at their disposal grant money from the Finnish government, the offices of the bureaucracy, academia and the media at large, and yet, the people couldn’t give a crap about the Arabs. They’re not overtly anti-Israel, but their products, most of which in produce that’s easily recognizable, it readily available in Finnish groceries. These losers spins their wheels, try to propagandize the public, and in the end, business wins out.


All I have to do to prove I’m right, is to point out how badly the Finnish government wants to do business with the Islamonazi regime of the Iranian mullahs. While it sickens me to see them there making million dollar deals, it does reassure me of the prospects of continued Finnish business with the Jewish state of Israel. There is actual business going both ways between the two states, Israeli goods (from high tech to produce) being bought, as well as Finnish goods and technology heading towards the Judean hills.


The asshats of Finnish academia can scream, rant and rave during their moronic ”apartheid week”, they only encourage the true believers, the fringe of society. After all the means at their disposal, they haven’t very much at all to show for it.




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