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Sweden: Immigrant 12 yrs in Left party leaving over discriminate policies……..


The Left is the exact opposite of what they portray themselves to be, always have been…


Leaving (V): “We with foreign background have been discriminated against for several years”


Växjö politicin Fanny Battistutta announces that after 12 active years she chooses to leave the Left Party.

“We, as immigrants, have experienced a special treatment. We only get replacement seats, she says to SVT.


On social media, the politician writes about the message, something Smålandsposten was the first to report.


Today, Fanny Battistutta is deputy chairman of the traffic committee in Kronoberg and replaces the left wing of the regional council.


– Either, with foreign background, we will only get replacement places or we’ll be down in the lists.


“Manipulation and treatment”


– I get no motivation why. I feel that we have been discriminated and discriminated against for many years with foreign backgrounds. This is something that goes against the Left Party’s ideology and needs to be fixed.


This weekend it was decided how the Left Party’s ballot paper in Kronoberg appears before the fall. Then Battistutta was thrown down to seat 27.


– I do not like manipulation and discrimination. This was the drop.


More here.


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