Sweden’s open borders policies demand more revenue, taxpayers will get the shaft…….


Nirvana never pans out the way it’s first presented…

The National Economic Institute warns of “large tax increases” – to cope with immigration

Published March 5, 2018 at 17.03

DOMESTIC. Either the state has to push more money to the municipalities, or “big tax increases” must be introduced. It warns the head of the Institute of Economic Research Urban Hansson Brusewitz for today, writes SvD Näringsliv.



It’s the huge immigration to Sweden that made the country’s population to pass 10 million people.


SvD Enterprise calls it “several years of record high immigration”.


This means extensive cost increases for the welfare and especially in areas such as school and healthcare.


In addition, Sweden’s population is expected to continue to grow over the next few years, with a total of 100,000 people each year.


“We are facing some years of demographic challenge, which makes me a little worried that the municipalities may be forced to raise taxes,” says Urban Hansson Brusewitz to SvD.


In order to avoid extensive tax increases, government grants must therefore be increased even more than the government has already promised, he points out.

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