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In Mauritania, wife beating is a source of pride……!


Wife beating, slavery, just another day in Islamo-hell…



I can’t tell whether it’s a chicken-or-the-egg situation or not, but one thing I do know, it falls well within the guidelines of Islam 101.


Some West African women take pride in being beaten

Some cultures are very backward. Wife-beating is “a source of pride for some in Mauritania,” an arid country in northwest Africa, notes a recent news story from Reuters:

Salimata was always told she should be proud to come from a family of wife beaters.
“You’re the daughter of a woman whose husband broke her hands. Your grandmother’s legs were fractured by her husband. You must be loved,” Salimata said, citing her mother’s words.
The 19-year-old woman from Mauritania’s Soninké ethnic group, married to a man who also beats her, said she taught herself to believe what her mother told her.
“I felt like an animal that had to be disciplined,” she said.“As time passed, I came to believe that my husband beats me only when he is at the peak of his love for me.”


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