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Finland: Survey suggests most Finns couldn’t care less about politics outside its borders…….


The axiom of “The government closest to the people serves the people best” rings true time and again.


Also: “The best government is that which governs least.” It’s entirely true that the EU only interests those who believe in supranational governance (key signature being the centralization of concentrated power), and those who know the danger such a political entity poses to individual liberty. Most people care about local issues, this is the reason why career politicians have been able to strip the populace of their liberty a piece at a time without many noticing what the hell has been going on.


Many international treaties and similar arrangements are chock full of liberty crushing language, you only know about them once you feel the boot heel of any given regulation or statute. It’s only then the citizen wonders who passed that law, where was the public debate about it? This is the reason why I strongly advocate for smaller government and with greater oversight of it, and no it doesn’t mean I’m against a standing army or a public library.


Survey suggests middling interest in European elections or potential regional elections

A new poll indicates that just over half of Finns show an interest in elections for representatives to the European Parliament, with even fewer people interested in choosing regional leaders.


Vuoden 2015 eduskuntavaalien mainoksia.
Party posters from the 2015 parliamentary elections Image: Ismo Pekkarinen / AOP


A survey commissioned by the Municipal Development Foundation of Finland, an advocate for municipal government, has found that 78 percent of its respondents are interested in Finland’s parliamentary elections.


In contrast, just 52 percent of the poll’s respondents said they were interested in elections in which Finns select their representatives to the European Parliament. An even lower percentage, 47 percent, were interested in the prospect of additional regional government elections.


When examined by age, the results suggest that older voters show the most interest in potential regional-level elections, while people between 18 and 40 are primarily interested in Finland’s parliamentary elections. People living in rural areas tended to be more interested in the idea of electing regional administrators, and city dwellers showed more interest in the European elections.


The pollster Kantar TNS interviewed over 1,000 residents of Finland in early February, yielding results that contain a margin of error of three percentage points in either direction.



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