Daniel Greenfield: Justin Trudeau’s Indian Trip Keeps Getting Worse……..


Clown show…



Daniel Greenfield

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has often been dubbed Canada’s Obama. Nah, he’s more comparable to Joe Kennedy III or Israel’s Yair Lapid, a young, good-looking, empty-headed silver spooner who is only in the running for anything because of his last name. Trudeau’s dorky Excellent Indian Vacation helped make that clear. And it’s just the gift that keeps on giving.


The obvious disaster is still the cosplay photos of Trudeau and his family. But a chunk of that mess only came about because Trudeau’s sympathy for Sikh separatists had infuriated the government. And the precocious prime minister just keeps digging a deeper hole.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s scandal-ridden trip to India may be over, but the controversy surrounding it refuses to go away.
Trudeau has become embroiled in a fresh spat, following his apparent endorsement of allegations that factions within the Indian government had actively sought to undermine his visit to the country last week.
The comments, made during Trudeau’s first parliamentary session since returning to Canada, provoked a swift rebuke from the Indian government, with a spokesman for India’s foreign ministry labeling the suggestion “baseless and unacceptable.”


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