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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey apparently agrees with users harassing Pamela Geller’s children off of platform…….


Beyond the pale…


If I know Pamela like I think I do, there’s a lawsuit cooking. Loss of wealth/income due to false smears are the bedrock of defamation lawsuits, this clearly qualifies.


Twitter Does Nothing as Pamela Geller’s Daughters Are Harassed Off Platform

On the same day that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey posted a tweet storm pledging to promote “civility” and “health” in public discourse, the platform did nothing as the daughters of outspoken critic of Islam Pamela Geller were harassed off the platform.


The harassment campaign was started by Daily Beast reporter Taylor Lorenz, who zeroed in on Geller’s daughters, who are non-political Instagram stars, in a report for the news site. The article was titled “The Instagram Stars Hiding Their Famous, Muslim-Hating Mom, Pamela Geller.”


On Twitter, Lorez directed her followers to the Twitter accounts of Geller’s daughters, precipitating targeted harassment of the young women.


Lorenz then appeared to gloat about chasing Geller’s daughters off Twitter, and the loss of their show and talent agencies.


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