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Twitter CEO couldn’t care less that Islamic scholar with 109,000 Twitter followers calls apostates from Islam to be killed……


For you see, only those who are anti-Islam are the problem, not those who spread subjugation of the non-believer…


Islamic scholar with 109,000 Twitter followers calls for those who leave Islam to be killed

Ex-Muslim Ridvan Aydemir, writes: “Assim Alhakeem is a Saudi scholar who is ‘trying to enlighten people about Islam.’ He is quite influential on Twitter, YouTube, TV and his website. On February 24, he tweeted that apostates should be killed by Islamic law.” When he was challenged about this, “he confirmed it with more horrible words. When I retweeted it, he blocked me.”


This is Islam. This is sharia. This is what the left is intent on bringing to the West. This is part of the law that Muslim migrants believe is superior to all “man-made” Western laws. Many are determined to replace the one with the other.


More here.

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