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Gerard Perry @OddLane clarifies points on @TaylorLorenz’s dox of #PamelaGeller’s family…….


Worth the read!


Taken from the Twitter thread by Gerard Perry. David Reaboi tweets:


The Pamela Geller dox illustrates a number of points, but most impurely the necessity of never viewing the mainstream media as an erstwhile ally.

I don’t normally do “threads” here, but felt compelled to clarify some points after @TaylorLorenz’s dox of #PamelaGeller’s family. There are so many aspects of this episode that are infuriating. To begin with the moral presumption and arrogance of the Fourth Estate…


…which, as someone else pointed out, could easily be called the Fifth Column. These are people who are bottom-feeders in every sense of the term, yet expect deference and sympathy-unyielding gratitude-for their work, which they consider to be a form of public service.


Just read a typical selection of tweets by @pareene or @ashleyfeinberg, or any of the rogue’s gallery of vultures that used to work for the disgraced @Gawker, and who still work for the revived corpse of @gawkermedia at @Univision, and you’ll get the impression that Gawker’s…


…demise is something to be lamented. In spite of the fact that it served primarily as a means of activating social media mobs to inflict misery on people whose only crime was having an opposing point of view, much like the @TaylorLorenz dox.


The Lorenz witch hunt is illuminating, because if you look at the piece it reads like a Soviet-style indictment of someone who’s been accused of committing political thought crimes. In this case, not denouncing a member of your family who holds non-bien pensant views…


Although North Korea is a better example in this case, because there you are presumed guilty by virtue of blood, i.e. if you have bad songbun-by virtue of having a grandfather who was a priest, or a capitalist entrepreneur or soldier in the South Korean army-then you are guilty.


It’s not as bad as the DPRK or USSR though, because you can atone for your guilt (partially) by denouncing the people-your mother, your father, your cousin-who hold these contaminated political opinions.


However, the attempt to classify people according to the perceived correctness of their social and political views, and ostracize anyone who slays even one millimeter from approved dogma, is the same ethos that animated any totalitarian dictatorship.


Even being apolitical, or not expressing an opinion, is forbidden. As in this case, or the case of @taylorswift13. Silence is consent, and not being an “anti-fascist” is the same thing as being an avowed fascist, even though the terms are never defined with any specificity.


Take #BillyGraham, for example. This was a Christian who was as ecumenical as it gets. He counseled Democratic presidents. He didn’t support the Vietnam War. He even supported therapeutic abortions under certain circumstances.


Yet people like @laurenduca, and virtually the entire gay rights movement, denounced him-some even wishing he burn in hell-because he believed in orthodox Christian views of sexuality. Just because he rejected LGBT dogma, he was untermenschen.


This is why the left is such a monstrously self-cannibalizing creation. You can never be “woke” enough to satisfy the unyielding and ever-evolving demands of the beast. It is the embodiment of a works-based salvation, where you must keep making sin offerings in perpetuity.


This is the French Revolution, or the Maoist experiment in China, and it’s the contemporary left, despite what @SamSeder, or reasonable “progressives” might want you to believe.


There is no separation from the political. Every aspect of life is judged according to whether it suits the doctrinaire opinions of the ruling caste. To the point where even eating is reduced to a pre-programmed political decision. h/t @JessicaValenti


This isn’t just a problem with journalists, although they are the ones who set the cultural pace and determine what we talk about. Just look at the Christian pastors demonizing the NRA and people like @TheRaDR, who think a relationship with God is secondary to establishing…


…an earthy kingdom that conforms to their ideological dogma. Imagine thinking someone is evil because they want to uphold basic Constitutional provisions, or won’t ritualistically denounce their flesh and blood because of a political disagreement.


Or that your vocation is to whip up random individuals-whom you have no relationship to-into a rabid political frenzy in order to extract doleful contrition for not expressing socially correct political opinions.


Not to uncover stories that might lead to a greater understanding of an important issue in our world, or expose political corruption in high office, but to lead a political lynch mob directed at people who have committed thought crime-or whose parents are suspected of it.


That is what @TaylorLorenz thinks “journalism” amounts to. It wouldn’t be so bad if the majority of her colleagues didn’t agree with her on this point.


This is the problem, not only with journalism, but with the left in general. And it’s a problem because these are the people who have crafted our cultural economy. They’re the ones responsible for churning out the screenplays, novels, music and art we consume.


The impulse towards enacting another Cultural Revolution is innate. You can’t publish a YA novel that hasn’t been approved by an appropriately diverse panel of sensitivity readers. You can’t screen a film that doesn’t have a representative cross-section or which whitewashes…


You can’t acknowledge that diversity encompasses more than simply racial diversity, even if you’re an African-American woman. In that case, you’re fired and replaced by a white woman, which illustrates the paradox here


There is no objective “standard” to meet, even if you thought censoring your thoughts was a good thing. The standard is whatever the woke believe at that moment in time-just like Maoism was whatever Mao believed at that historical moment.


If it is a game, it’s a game everyone who hasn’t designed it will lose. To sum up this Clarissa-length tweet storm-and I forgive anyone who wants to call me @HeerJeet henceforth-Pamela Geller is a personal friend, but even if I had never met her, what the @dailybeast did to…


…her family is unconscionable. Pitting someone against the woman who gave them birth, because of political differences, is loathsome to the highest degree. Even in a dystopian police state, where people are forced to do this in order to survive, it’s moral abjection…


…but to freely decide to rip apart someone’s family because a person subscribes to heterodox views of Islam, or immigration, when that choice isn’t forced upon you, illustrates why the general public views most journalists with abiding contempt.


In summation-hahaha, but seriously, this is wrapping up here-people like @TaylorLorenz and @brianstelter and @Acosta do not deserve your sympathy, because this relationship is in on way reciprocal. They do not work for you but for their own venal interests and ideology.


The sooner the media-consuming public realizes that, the better.


And in under 30 tweets too. Suck it, @SethAbramson and @ericgarland!

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