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Finland: Nigerian lesbian asylum seeker allowed to stay after language mix-up is cleared……


One of the rare times (these days) in which I agree wholeheartedly that an asylum seeker should be allowed to remain…


It’s the riff-raff that never were real refugees/in need of asylum that  should never have been let in, or actual victims that could have been cared for in the refugee camps in the region, that I have a problem with.


Asylum seeker victory


HS kertoi nigerialaisnaisen tapauksesta 27. toukokuuta 2017.


Daily Helsingin Sanomat reports about a homosexual Nigerian asylum seeker whose negative asylum application was overturned by the Administrative Court. The court in Helsinki decided to grant Lisa and her baby asylum in Finland in part due to revelations by her new lawyer that the interpreter in the initial asylum hearing with Migri had trouble understanding her and vice versa.


While in Nigeria, Lisa’s female partner was killed and as she was escaping the country Lisa was raped, which resulted in a pregnancy. The court said in this case it would be unconscionable to send Lisa and her child back to Nigeria.


However the court did not express a view on whether homosexual asylum seekers should be repatriated to Nigeria in general, which human rights organisations call one of the most dangerous places for sexual minorities.




NOTE: Much of Nigeria has been subverted by destructive Islam, it’s no wonder why its dangerous ( I would say lethal) for sexual minorities and anyone else who are not a straight Sunni male.

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