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Egypt: Famous local singer jailed for 6 mos for saying the truth about the Nile river, “It will make you ill”…….


Offending Islam or the Islamic state is a punishable offence…


Truth doesn’t matter in Islam, it’s sensibilities that are everything. So when someone says the truth about the Nile, they have to be condemned for shaming, making the Islamic state and its Muslim leaders look bad.


Egyptian singer is sentenced to six months in jail for joking that drinking Nile water could make you ill

  • Sherine – one of Egypt’s most famous singers – is convicted for denigrating the cleanliness of the River Nile which she said can make you ill
  • She has apologised profusely and remains on bail pending an appeal 
  • She is the third singer in recent months to have been convicted for indecency 


An Egyptian court has sentenced pop star Sherine to six months in prison on Tuesday for suggesting drinking from the Nile River leads to illness.


She was found guilty of spreading ‘false news’ after a recording emerged of her joking that water from the River Nile could give people parasites.


Sherine is one of Egypt’s most famous singers and doubles up as a judge on the Arabic version of The Voice TV show.


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