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Netherlands: Islamonazi Rasmea Odeh speaks at Amsterdam U at behest of radical Leftist org Revolutionaire Eenheid…….


Totalitarians -of-a-feather…


The terrorist, Rasmea Odeh, committed a bomb attack in the Israeli city of Jerusalem in 1969, two people were murdered. She was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. In 1980 she was (stupidly) released as the deployment of a prisoner exchange.


Palestinian terrorist speaks at an Amsterdam university

The Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh, has spoken at a location on the Free University campus in Amsterdam.  She was the guest of an extreme leftist Revolutionaire Eenheid.


This group has a location at the university which it does not pay for.  The university however tolerates it under the condition that its programs are communicated to the university.


As this was not the case this time, the university called the police.  Rasmea Odeh has murdered two Israelis and was condemned to a jail sentence.



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