Finland Laura Huhtasaari

Finnish Radio personality posed with Finns MP Laura Huhtasaari in photo at Finnish music awards, outrage ensues on Twitter: “Nazi!”…….


That’s all it takes nowadays, just a photo…


One fan photograph sent Pate Mustajärvi into ​​the middle of social media rage: “To some I was Nazi, to others a SJW!”


27.02.2018 15:15 –Reija Saarinen– Read 2 042 times

Pate Mustajärvi agreed to an Emma-gala (Finnish music awards) pose in a community picture with his fans. Shortly thereafter, he was smeared as a Nazi.

Rock radio head Pate Mustajärvi , 61, does not surf the social media. In his own words, he only uses the computer to write emails, send demos, and pay bills.


Mustajärvi’s official social channels are maintained by the man’s inner circle and approve of the postings before they are released.




– Social media jumped on the picture like a lightening bolt. In question was the lady called Huhtamaki. There was a terrible turmoil around the picture, why on earth would I have gotten into a picture with such a person? To others I was a Nazi, for others, a social justice warrior and then these people started argueing between themselves, Mustajärvi says.


– The social media’s power is quite a bit, and that’s why I really stay away from it. I do not tweet, as some big bosses do, he laughs.


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