Fighting Back Islam in France MUSLIM SETTLERS

French film maker: “Enough with these camels”……!


Vlad sends us: “Film written and directed by French Filmmaker Gérard Boyadjian
Free English translation of original title: CAMEL # Don’t conflate !


The film maker, Gérard Boyadjian, responds to comment on his Vimeo page concerning this film:

“My video” as you say so well … is a FILM.
Which is not intended to open a debate, already gaping and open for a long time.
It even less pretends to “ask these uneducated camels” to assimilate (because they will never be able to, we have had the proof every day, for decades).
I ask nothing of me… but I have a character who says out loud, with this delicious disrespect that tickles you enough to make you lay this “jubilant comment”.
But above all, dear compatriot “lightly zealous” (and who does not yet master the meaning of “shooting the messenger”), this Film has absolutely no objective to caress the disciples “to the care of you” of their uncontested idol: Mr. Alain Soral.
I often recognize the smell and the trace of “These luminous advisors” who pretend to reframe us, enlighten us, orient us… where they were seen severely slapped.
But mostly “no amalgam” eh!

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