EU’s Fake Parliament Censors Israeli Exhibition Slamming Iran’s Human Rights Abuses……


Back in 2004, in the documentary by Martin Himel, “Jenin: Massacring Truth”  detailing the horrendous propaganda warfare mounted by the international media against Israel and the IDF, over its military operation in the Jenin refugee camp, an interest comment was made.


Tim Benson, the President of the Political Cartoon Society that oversaw the awarding of its top prize to the cartoonist responsible for the infamous Sharon cartoon, was confronted by Martin Himel, asking him why is it that no cartoon depicting an Arab leader in a similar way has ever won the top prize? He responded that, ”well, Jews don’t issue fatwas, now do they?



In my opinion, and of course you’re free to disagree with me in the comments, this shows how fearful the Europeans are of Arab Muslim leaders. It explains why they would prefer go on bended knee or covered head than risk offending these two-bit, 3rd world, tin-horn buffoons.


It explains the ”Palestiniazation” (explained by Bat Ye’or) now Islamization of Europe and its fetish with ”North-South” relations coupled with its inability (actually refusal) to limit in any meaningful way Muslim settler migration from the region. They adhere to the Leftist Cold War notion of ”better red than dead”.


Europeans Censor Israeli Exhibition Slamming Iran’s Human Rights Abuses


The European Parliament refused to display an Israeli exhibition of caricatures criticizing the Iranian government’s human rights abuses on the grounds that it is “too controversial.”


By: and United with Israel Staff


An exhibition of caricatures seeking to expose the Iranian government’s human rights abuses has been rejected for display at the European Parliament on the grounds that it is “too controversial.”


The Israeli Cartoon Project, established in partnership with the American Jewish Committee (AJC), reached out to Israeli politician Yair Lapid almost a year ago for assistance in bringing the artistic statement to the European Union (EU) Parliament in Brussels.


But EU officials replied only days ago that the exhibition was cancelled, only offering the explanation that “the exhibition is controversial.”


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