Islamic terrorism MUSLIM SETTLERS Sweden

Sweden: Islamonazi terrorist Akilov said he wanted to ”kill Swedish citizens”…….


Meaning, non-Muslims…….


Stockholm terror suspect wanted to ‘kill Swedish citizens’

Rakhmat Akilov said he wanted to murder Swedish citizens when he stole a truck and drove it down a busy shopping street in Stockholm last April, killing five and injuring several others.

The Uzbek national addressed Stockholm District Court for the first time on Tuesday morning. He is accused of terrorism for mowing down pedestrians on the Drottninggatan street on April 7th, 2017.


Prosecutor Hans Ihrman started Tuesday’s questioning by asking what he had wanted to achieve.


“I wanted Sweden to stop fighting the caliphate. That they would stop sending their soldiers to war zones and stop sending huge sums of money to fight our caliphate,” Akilov, 40, told the court.


Akilov pleaded guilty to terrorism on the first day of the trial last week. Whether or not the court finds him guilty will come down to if it is determined his acts were intended to seriously harm Sweden as a country.


Asked how he had intended to harm Sweden, Akilov said:

“Get hold of a car, drive this car on a central street in Sweden and in that way harm Sweden,” he said, adding that his goal had been to “murder Swedish citizens”.


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