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Germany: 19-year-old Syrian asylum seeker suspected of planning a terrorist attack…….


When will we ever learn…


A 19-year-old Syrian is suspected of planning a terrorist attack in Germany

Wednesday 21.2.2018 at 10.45

A bomb making guide and Isis videos were found in the possession of the young Syrian man.


Berliinin terrori-iskusta tuli joulukuussa vuosi.


Mamdoh A. is now in the Bayreuth district court, accused of planning a terrorist attack. The trial of asylum seeker who arrived in Germany in 2015 started in early February. According to the prosecutor, Mamdoh was planning a terrorist attack in Germany or in Syria.


The police came across Mamdoh in Pegnitz by chance. The police made a search of Mamdoh’s apartment on other issues and found a bomb making guide and Isis videos. The man’s phone also was found with child pornography and had driven the car with a license.


Mamdoh was arrested in June. Today, on Wednesday, justice will be heard by the last witness of the story, a doctor who owned a house in Pegnitz with underage asylum seekers.


The doctor was well acquainted with Mamdoh, a native of Raqqa, who had quickly learned German and wanted to work in a pharmacy.

Last summer, however, the young man had radically changed and cut off his contact with the doctor.


The prosecutor demands Mamdoh to be punished with two years and ten months.


– I know I have had suspicious material. I admit it, but I’m not a terrorist, Mamdoh has said.


It is now up to the law to decide whether or not a young man was planning a crime threatening state security.

Sources: Süddeutsche Zeitung, Nord Bayern


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