Muslim Criminality MUSLIM SETTLERS NO GO ZONES Sweden

Finnish media visit Rinkeby and Rosengård: “Before, it was being shot as a warning and to scare, now it’s shoot to kill”…….


Not one mention of the perpetrators being Muslim immigrant gangs, allowed into the country through utopian based multicultural policies…


MTV3 in Stockholm: Criminal gang violence is becoming brutal – “Before, it was being shot as a warning and to scare, now it’s shoot to kill”

Clashes, shootings and mass rapes between criminals have increased in Sweden within a short time. Most of the crimes are between gangs and they occur in the suburbs.



According to the police, gang violence has become more brutal.


– Before the gangs fired each at each other to scare and to warn, for example, in the legs. Today, there has been a tendency to shoot to kill, for example, says chief of police, Simon Holgersson, from the northern area of ​​the Stockholm.


In the suburbs with the worst reputation, Stockholm’s Rinkeby and Malmö’s Rosengård, drug trafficking and drug-related crime keep the police busy the most. In addition, gang violence, robbery, traffic violations and shooting are problems in these suburbs.


– Most of the criminals in our area are young men aged 15 to 25 years. Most often, they do not have any work or livelihoods, Holgersson says.


Rinkebyssä on palveluja, kuten kirjasto, terveyskeskus ja kauppoja. Copyright: Mediahub. Kuva: Tiia Palmén.


He has been working for nine years in the worst suburbs of Stockholm. He likes his work and is not afraid for his safety.


– In fact, the police’s working environment has become safer in the last couple of years. Before we had stones thrown at us and attempted to damage the cars. Now it has calmed down, Holgersson says.


At times, police officers will be alerted to “bad addresses” in the suburbs. Then safety is first taken care of before we go to the scene.


– It’s better to wait a few minutes until there is additional confirmation than to go straight in with one patrol. The situation is clear when there are enough police officers in place, he says.


Huge sized suburbs


Malmö’s Rosengård and Stockholm’s Rinkeby have large blocks of flats in a small area. In both suburbs, there are about 20,000 people.


According to the police, an exact number is not known, since ten people can live in a tiny apartment even though only two have been notified to the authorities.


– Families are huge and there can be a lot of children. Young people who get involved with crimes may feel that they do not even have room at home so they stay in the streets, Holgersson says.


All immigrants living in these suburbs are near by. Most of them are not criminals, but criminals still receive the greatest attention.


Illegal weapons are moving


Recently, criminal gangs in the suburbs have acquired a lot of weapons through their contacts. The police find illegal weapons, for example, hidden in the shelves of shops and kiosks in the Rinkeby Market.


Even more often, the police find hidden drugs on store shelves.


Drug traffickers are hiding the stuff in the shops and they’re looking for them when buyers come to the market. Store owners don’t dare to talk to the police and informers because they are afraid, Holgersson says.


After dark, the police patrol the Rinkeby Market with a larger force. On a usual Wednesday night, there are as many as three patrols.


As the police cars turn into the market square, the square is rapidly emptied of young people.


– When they see us coming, they run away and quickly dispose of the drugs. They can not be suspected of anything when drugs can not be found in their possession, says Amir Zujovic from the Stockholm police.


Even on this Wednesday night, the police will find ready-made hashish doses packed in snuffbox and strong prescription drugs. These are the most common drugs that hit Rinkeby. Amphetamine and cocaine are also available.


Drug buyers will arrive at Rinkeby Metro from the center of Stockholm.


The causes of the shootings vary


Shootouts have increased according to the police in the last few years.


“There are times when there is no shooting at all and there are more intense moments when criminal gangs are at war with each other,” Holgersson says.¨”


Poliisit käyvät Rinkebyn torilla useasti päivässä. Copyright: Mediahub. Kuva: Tiia Palmén.


Usually, the criminals shoot each other and the bystanders are seldom injured.


– Ambulances and violence naturally create a sense of insecurity for the locals and it is understandable, Holgersson says.


The cause of the shooting can be over nothing. It can be a question of genial disputes and power struggles, or just a girlfriend.


– The friendships between these gangs vary and they change from one set to another. It is not a question of organizational acts, Holgersson says.


According to the police, many young offenders have no faith or hope for the future.


– Most of them do not even think they will be alive after ten years. And not all. Some die, some end up in jail. Only a very small part are able to stop being criminal, Holgersson says.


They do not usually do not leave, they live here in their own bubble.



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