Finland’s Security Intelligence Police (Supo) protects list of 18 Finns named as E.German Stasi contacts from researcher…….


Let me get this straight, protecting 18 people listed as contacts/spies for the now defunct GDR is somehow a matter of ”Finnish national security and ability to co-operate with partners abroad”..?


Who are they trying to kid? No one seriously believes that whatever happened during the Cold War has any serious ramifications other than outing traitorous Finns who worked with/for the Communist regime of E.Germany and by default, the Soviets themselves. This is nothing but blue smoke and mirrors and it’s plainly obvious.


Supo: Cold War Stasi list to remain sealed despite researcher’s request

A list containing the names of 18 Finns named as contacts by East German intelligence will remain sealed, says the Security Intelligence Police.

Finland’s Security Intelligence Police Supo will not release the so-called Tiitinen list to a researcher, the agency announced on Monday.


The list, which contains the names of 18 Finns who had contacts with the East German Stasi intelligence service between 1969 and 1990, has been sealed since it was passed to Supo in 1990 following the fall of the Berlin Wall.


At that time Supo was headed by Seppo Tiitinen, who later became the Secretary General of the Finnish parliament.


Researcher Kimmo Elo had asked for the list, was granted permission to study material related to Finnish-GDR relations during the Cold War, but will now be denied the list itself.


Supo said its release could endanger national security and its ability to co-operate with partners abroad.

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